The class and lectures in the institute are as in the ratio of the 20:1 that is One Faculty & twenty students. Every Faculty proved the very good knowledge to the student. And whenever in the situation when any student having any difficulty than on that time every Faculty tried to understand the problem’s solution and also provide the extra classes whenever students need the extra classes.

The Institute offered a unique opportunity to the higher education aspirants to enhance their educational qualifications and pursue studies on regular basis with full-time classes either on 5 days a week or on Saturday/Sunday.

The faculty in the class will use modern lecture approach, interactional approach and experimental approach as per the needs of the course. They will also use case studies, where necessary, for the purpose of developing analytical and decision-making skills of the students. The instructional mode will be multi-media and use of the latest technology for quality learning. Complete Course material covering various topics will be provided by the University.