1. The center should have easy accessibility for the learners.
    2. The center should have at least 800 sq. ft. of covered area with two class rooms having capacity of 30 each, library, reception, counselor room , 1 janitor enclosure ,1 store room ,1 staff room and computer lab with 10-25 computers.
    3. There should be separate toilets for boys and girls with ‘pucca’ floor and flush system.
    4. The center should have at least one fixed landline phone. E mail id and Internet connection.
    5. The computer lab should have adequate computers of latest configuration with original software required to implant education.
    6. The center should have Internet access facility with high speed internet connection for all the students.
    7. The center should have adequate audio-visual equipment like projector, LCD and visual/teleconferencing facility.
    8. All the computers should have UPS attached to them and there should be proper power back up (Genset/Inverter) for the entire infrastructure of the center.
    9. Waste disposal & sewage facility.
    10. Regular water storage and running water supply with drinking water facility of standard  quality.
    11. Security arrangements as per local needs.
  2. TIMINGS: The study center should function at least for 40 hours in a week. For the convenience of working learners, the center should as far as possible, function on holidays and after routine working hours on week days.
  3. LIBRARY: There should be proper seating facility in the library for the learners. The library should have at least 200 books related to the study program offered. These books should be a mixture of reference books and text books. The library must subscribe daily newspapers both local & national in English & Hindi and magazines/journals for students to read. The library should preferably be computerized with accessibility to2 on-line library on the internet. The library should have the facility to run courses through audio/video CDs.
  4. STAFF : ​
    1. Counselor : The Center shall appoint a full time counselor for providing pre-admission and post admission counseling and for conducting all the academic activities smoothly.
    2. Part Time or Guest Counselor : The center shall maintain a panel of part time or guest counselors, holding at least Master’s degree in the relevant subject, for each subject of the program offered. Availability of these counselors should be predefined and should be made known to the learners and institute well in advance.
    3. Coordinator : The center should have a Coordinator who will be the administrative head responsible for smooth functioning of the study center.
    4. Non-teaching staff: There should be adequate number of non-teaching staff for maintenance of the center and its facilities. Security services staff.
  5. RECORD : The Study Center shall maintain records pertaining to:
    1. Academic Counselors and Staff: The study center will maintain proper record of available academic counselors and staff showing the attendance of academic counselors, their punctuality and their discipline.
    2. Learners Registers: Proper documentation of all enrolled learners will be maintained by study centers.
    3. Counseling Sessions: Study centers will be responsible for the counselling sessions of all the learners. Proper record of all the counselling sessions conducted needs to be maintained. It shall be open for checking by admin office or any agency authorized by the corporate or admin office for the purpose at any time.
    4. Assignments: For continuous assessment of learners, Admin office will ask learners to do assignments and their records will be maintained by the study center.
    5. Learners queries: The Study center shall maintain proper record of all the persons seeking inquiry in respect of distance education courses. Admin office or any agency authorized by the Admin office for the purpose can check this record at any time.
    6. Administration & Finance: The Coordinator will be the first point of contact for Admin office. The study center will be responsible for proper documentation of all the financial 3 transactions related to the course. The Study center will collect the fee from the learner either in the form of DD or Bank Callahan drawn in favor of SR GROUP COLLEGE payable at BASTI. The Study center will issue a receipt for any amount collected from a learner. The Admin office or any agency authorized by the Admin office for the purpose can check this record at any time.
    7. Feedback: The Study Center shall get the prescribed feedback form filled up by every learner before starting of the examination.
  6. INSPECTION : The study center shall submit periodic reports which will help the Admin office to judge the academic standards and efficiency of administration of the Study Center. The Admin office or any agency authorize by it, will keep a check on the performance and conduct of centers on regular basis. The Vice-Chancellor may constitute an expert committee for the inspection of the study center at any time suomoto or on receipt of any complaint. The expert committee will verify the infrastructure and related academic matters. After inspection, a report shall be submitted by the expert committee to the Chairman. An additional inspection fee of Rs. 10,000/- is payable for each such inspection.
  7. WINDING UP A STUDY CENTRE BY THE INSTITUTE : If the Study Centre fails to comply with the norms laid down by the University even after due cautioning made by the University or is found involved in malafide practice, the appropriate action, including withdrawal of permission, shall be taken against the centre. Due regard shall be given to the interest of the students before recommending any action. It will be ensured that all the students of the study centre get transferred to another centre of their choice before a centre is wound up.
    1. For proper and smooth functioning of study centre, Admin office may send a team of experts to train the staff of the study centre. This training will be mandatory and all the staff members (teaching and non-teaching) need to be present in all the training sessions. Any absenteeism by the study centre staff will be treated as a violation of the terms and conditions and action may be taken accordingly. Admin office may at its discretion hire an external agency to conduct these trainings.
    2. The Study Centre will be required to pay the expenses as may be assessed by the Admin office.
  9. PRACTICAL EXPOSURE CLASSES (PEC): A study centre offering practical training courses should either have tie up with relevant practical labs of other institutions or have their own practical lab. The study centre shall get the prescribed practical classes conducted and after successful completion of the practic als, the centre will issue a completion certificate and the same has to be submitted to the Admin office. Without this certificate, learners will not be eligible to appear in the examination. The Study centre shall inform all the learners and Admin office in advance, the schedule of all thepracticals to be conducted.
  10. PROSPECTUS: The study centre can collect adequate number of application forms from the Admin office on payment as decided by Admin office time to time. The information brochure shall be provided free of charge along with the application form.
  11. DISPLAY BOARDS : The Study Centre will have a permanent display board of Minimum size 3’ X 2’ with the following matter painted in blue on white base .It should be placed near the gate or at the entrance of the building . There will however be no restrictions on the number or size of other boards that the study centre wants to put , provided the approved matter is adhered to. On such other boards the centre can indicate the courses offered and the address and the contact no. & email id of the centre.
  12. INCORRECT INFORMATION : If any information furnished by the study centre to the Admin office is found incorrect, the Admin office shall be free to take any action as deemed fit including withdrawal of permission to run the study centre.
    1. The directions and the orders issued by the SR GROUP COLLEGE Admin Office from time to time shall be complied with.
    2. The number of students admitted for each course of study in the Study Centre shall not exceed the limit, if any, prescribed by admin office.
    3. There shall be no change or transfer of management of a Study Centre to any other agency without previous permission of admin or corporate office.
    4. The Study Centre shall not be wound up without prior permission of admin office.
    5. The SR GROUP COLLEGE admin and corporate office reserves the right to inspect the centres as and when deemed fit with or without prior notice.
    6. The main functions of the study centre would be to issue admission forms, making on the spot admissions, arranging periodical contact programmes etc. as may be decided by the admin office and making arrangements for holding examinations at proper venues.
    7. It would be necessary to have facilities for conducting practical classes for any stream for which such classes are considered to be compulsory by the SR GROUP COLLEGE. Such classes can be run either at the Study Center or in any institution where such facilities are available and with whom the Study Center has signed a Memorandum of Understanding.
    8. After obtaining approval forms SR GROUP COLLEGE, the Study Center will be required to arrange venues for examinations engage invigilators and ensure smooth conduct of examinations. Question papers, answer books etc. shall be provided by the SR GROUP COLLEGE.
    9. The center should obtain sufficient number of admission forms along with prospectus from the Admin office on payment of the prescribed cost.
    10. The Study Centre will be authorized to admit eligible students provisionally on the spot subject to final confirmation by SR GROUP COLLEGE.
    11. The prescribed fee shall be collected by the Study Centre at the time of provisional admission by way of demand draft drawn in favour of “SR GROUP COLLEGE” payable at BASTI.
    12. All the admission forms along with attested true copies of the required certificates and the demand draft of the fee shall be forwarded by the Study Centre without delay to SR GROUP COLLEGE admin office for confirmation of the admission.
    13. The DDE reserves the rights to inspect the premises any time during the session sum Otto or on receiving any complain to ensure that the Study Centre continues to have the required facilities. An inspection fee as decided by SR GROUP COLLEGE can be charged for each such inspection done beside the regular inspection.
    14. The ADMIN OFFICE shall send the official material directly or through the Service Provider Agency to the study centre .
    15. The Study Centre shall impart instructions only in the subjects and for the courses for which approval has been granted by the SR GROUP COLLEGE.
    16. The Study Centre shall comply with all the provisions, rules and regulations framed from time to time by the admin office.
    17. The Study Centre should maintain all registers and records and make them available for inspection as and when required by the admin office or by an authorized person.
    18. Counseling/ Admission by the Study Centre shall be made in accordance with the directions issued by the SR GROUP COLLEGE.

Ranjeet Srivastava