About Smart English Complete Course

This course is a complete package of Spoken English course.

This is a combination of

Level-1: (Smart English Beginners Course)

Level-2: (Smart English General Course) and Smart Accent.

 Course Designed For

Those candidates who have enough time to learn Spoken English and they are not able to speak even a single line of English.

Course Contents

  1. HAM Session
  2. JAM Session
  3. TM Session
  4. Picture Visualization
  5. General Sentences of daily use
  6. Elementary Grammar – Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Conjunction, Interjection, preposition.
  7. Tenses
  8. Tense based exercises.
  9. English fluency development games
  10. Specific vocabulary enrichment
  11. LRWS Practice for removing hesitation, regional language to English

Training Inputs

  1. Training through certified “Expert” trainer.
  2. A real systematic path through daily Itineraries.
  3. Smart talk’s own made software LRWS.
  4. Copyrighted techniques in 164 countries.
  5. Assessment of pre/posttest.
  6. 8 Books + 1 Software.
  7. Software for Neutralization of Accent.
  8. After course, a certificate will be provided by an ISO certified company