About BPO’s Smart Training

We offer the largest, pan-domain Certification programs for BPO professionals. Smart talk is treated as qualification benchmarks for different BPOs and call centers all over India. We have created a powerful new way to build the employability of youths in all major BPOs. We train our candidates in various required aspects of BPOs like CRM, telephonic etiquettes etc.

Course Designed For

This course is the most suitable course for those who would like to work in BPO industry or in a Call Center and also want to learn the skills through which they will be able to work well in the BPO industry.

Course Contents

Customer Relationship Management Concept of Its Telephonic Etiquettes Communication Skills Barriers to effective Communication Skills Listening skills Listening v/s hearing Insight into BPO Concept in India Working of BPO & Call Centers Types of Call Centers.

Training Inputs

Training through certified “Expert” trainer. A real systematic path through daily Itineraries. Copyrighted techniques in 164 countries. Assessment pre/posttest. 2 Books + 1 Software. After course, a certificate will be provided by an ISO certified company.


BPOs, Call center, DSAs, Tele Caller, Insurance, Banks, Malls