1. Admission in the Computers Courses is based on the eligibility norms/aptitude test as applicable from time to time. However eligibility is no guarantee for admission.
  2. Admission granted to a particular student is non-transferable / non-refundable.
  3. Students granted admissions are required to produce original certificates for verification of their academic qualifications.
  4. Students are required to submit 5 copies of their recent passport size color photographs.
  5. In case the I-Card is lost, a duplicate will be issued on receiving a written request along with a fine of 50/- and a recent stamp size color photograph.
  6. Students are required to produce their I-Cards as and when demanded by the center for entry in to the premises.
  7. Students are required to return l-cards on completion of their courses.
  8. Theory/Lab tests, class room exercise, home assignment, individual task, group task etc. will from and an integral part of the training program.
  9. Science of these of professional courses, the students are required to maintain 100% attendance in their own interest. However, if the attendance falls short of 85%, then the center has right to bar the student from appearing in the examination.
  10. Final certificate will be issued by the office with in a period of 4 to 6 week from the date of receipt of request form, along with certificate that the student has passed all the examinations & dues are paid.
  11. The student must obtain “NO DUES CERTIFICATE” from the library after submitting the l-card/Library card on Completion of the course/programme.
  12. Switch off your mobile phone whenever you are in the institute premises.
  13. Smoking and the use of bittles,pan masala is strongly prohibited within the premises.
  14. Students are required to maintain complete silence, strict discipline and decorum in the premises.
  15. The students cannot bring any eatables in wrapper in the premises.
  16. Any clarification regarding the rules of institution should be clarified by concerned person/ centre manager/ centre Director.
  17. All applications must be submitted in two copies and should be received duly signed by the concerned person.
  18. The decision of the management of SR GROUP COLLEGE is final & binding upon the student in all respects & circumstances.
  19. Normally the student is not allowed to go for a break in any regular session of any course. However, in case of emergency the break may be granted only after receiving a written request from the student with a proof copy of the reason for leave.
  20. Break up time should any case (except for medical ground or for exams) not be for period of more than 1 month.
  21. In case of break up time required for any medical treatment student has to submit medical certificate from a qualified doctor (at least MBBS). In case of break up time required for examination, the copy of date sheet is required to be enclosed along with the request letter.
  22. Over all will be on the discretion of centre manager to allow break.
  23. Down gradation of the course is not permitted, for example the student enrolled in one year course cannot be downgraded to 6 month course and so on.
  24. Up gradation of the course is allowed. For example the student pursuing one year course can upgrade to two years course and so on, after payment of required fee as prescribed from time to time (subject to full filling necessary eligibility condition).
  25. If a student has left the batch and wants to cover the missed portion can only attend the revision classes of the respective modules for which no charges will be charged.
  26. Rules & regulation may change form time without prior information, all students are required to follow laid down rules.