1. Book from the library can be borrowed by the students after depositing refundable caution money of Rs. 1000/- for “O” Level, “A” Level and Diploma course and Rs. 2000/- for “B” Level Courses.
  2. The librarian will issued a membership card for such member against the original receipt.
  3. The book will be issued for a period of one week;there after a fine of Rs. 5/- per daywill be charged till the book is returned.
  4. Caution money of library is refundable only after completion of the course or the time duration of the course of the students. If the student leaves the course in between, only 50% caution money is refundable after adjusting the penalty charges, if any.
  5. Membership is not transferable. In case of loss of membership card, duplicate card can be issued on written request along with a fee of Rs. 100 to be librarian.
  6. Caution money is refundable only after the student surrenders the library membership card, receipt and all the books borrowed by him/her from the library after adjusting the penalty charges, if any.