1. Off your shoes and keep it in the corridor rack before entering the lab.
  2. Maintain silence in the lab.
  3. Switch off your mobile in the lab.
  4. Ask your faculty to book the system for regular slot; collect your lab card from library.
  5. After booking the system for regular slot, collect your lab card and library.
  6. Your regular booking will be cancelled after 15 mins. Of the starting slot till 15 mins.
  7. During slot timing,you cannot leave the lab without informing your lab assistant.
  8. Without lab card and lab assignment, no permission in the lab.
  9. Have your lab card checked by lab instructor before interning the lab for practical session and check out your card at the end of session.
  10. You will not reboot any system without the permission of lab assistant.
  11. You must leave your system before 5 mins. Of your completing scheduled time.
  12. Floppy disk, or any other storage media, laptop computers/tape recorders are not allowed inside the class room or lab.