1. Whenever you come to the institute, you must have i-card.
  2. In the class room, switch off your mobile & must reach timely in the classroom.
  3. Information about the new batch will be displayed on the notice board 7 days before the starting of batch. You have to enroll your name in the batch 3 days before the start of the batch .If you fail to do this; you will have to wait for next batch.
  4. Due to any considerable reason you wish to withdraw your name from the batch, you have to give an application to the Dean & after passing the application; you have to put this application next time to re-join the batch. You will be allowed from the lecture from where you have terminated the batch.
  5. Once you have enrolled in the batch, will be allotted to you for the same module.
  6. If you want to repeat the module, you have to pay 1000/-.
  7. You have to complete your assignment day to day according to the topic covered by your faculty. It carries 10 mars of the module.
  8. You have to submit your assignment copy to the faculty periodically according to the rules mentioned in your assignment copy and get it back within 4 days of submission otherwise faculty will not be responsible in the case of loss assignment. Assignment will be accepted only on assignment copy allotted by institute.
  9. It is necessary to appear in Module End Test (MET) in the same batch, which is of 80 marks. You have to submit your assignment copy finally on the date of MET and within 10 days after MET, you will have to collect it back from office. Institute will not be held responsible for loss of the same after time duration.
  10. For receiving admit cards for DOEACC exams, it is mandatory to show all the completely checked assignment copy of the modules.
  11. Above 85% attendance is necessary in each module. It will carry 10 marks.
  12. Completely checked assignment copy is requested to be shown during practical exam (only for DOEACC students).
  13. Allotted project with documentation must be completed within your course/time duration.