To be known globally for learning innovations, academic excellence, and socially relevant research outcomes; strive to become the preferred destination for students, faculty, employers and collaborators & pride of alumni and the community.


  • To impart value based education at undergraduate and Postgraduate levels in the field of IT.
  • To provide as much of practical knowledge in order to meet the requirement of Industry.
  • To strive steadily for the overall growth and development of intellect and personality of the students whose, as professionals, could be confident to face the challenge of the world of work.
  • To support the faculty in all members in order to take their 100%.To is an ever-learning institution, respective and responsive to corporate, professional and social obligations.


Core Values

  • Integrity in all endeavors.
  • Humility, compassion, and concern for all.
  • Passion for quality and excellence.
  • The quest for innovation.
  • Leadership and Team Spirit.
  • Autonomy with Accountability.
  • Perseverance