It has been a defining moment in the history of this sanctified dwelling that SR GROUP COLLEGE is providing a gamut of courses under its umbrella and that too with a university tag, a telling testimony of our commitment to the people of this region and to others at large.

We provide great significance to interactive learning and two-communication processes, thereby making the erudition atmosphere sincere and responsive. What enables the students to develop a high degree of concentration and the requisite level of deliberation is not just academic excellence but overall comfort while they stay in the campus.

Apart from the modern amenities and infrastructure-related facilities, the students are provided with a humble and unassuming atmosphere to inculcate and preserve traditional Indian values. A lot of emphases is laid on the overall personality development of the students so as to foster in them the necessary drive and confidence to meet the demands and challenges of the modern world.

We incessantly try to achieve this through state-of-the-art infrastructure, picturesque & inspiring setting and devoted team of faculty members and administrators. The learning ambiance at all the constituting Institutions is perfectly suited for all-round growth and academic excellence.

The institute recognizes the abilities of its students very well and enables them to harness their potential and grow and evolve into successful professionals. Our focus remains on evolving efficient, confident and highly knowledgeable technocrats, managers, pharmacists and entrepreneurs with global thinking and futuristic mindset that will contribute to nation building with simultaneous faith in corporate ethics.

Apart from all this, the hostel facilities in the Institute premises are provided with the utmost care and attention so that the students can feel secure and at ease. Upon the completion of their tenure at our institutions, students metamorphose into competent professionals. They are molded in a way so as to have great careers, thus achieving remarkable success as professionals.

Ms. Dipmala Chauhan

(Examination Controller)