The effects of globalization and the recent recession have put tremendous pressure on everybody i.e. industry, business and the education system also. In the last decade, technical institutions have spread in every corner of the country and thus a large number of technical personnel are being produced every year. However, various agencies have carried out surveys which indicate that only 25 percent of graduates produced are employable. If the quality of the engineers/managers produced do not match with those produced in other parts of the world, it will be difficult for our graduates to find jobs because today a large number of Indian graduates depend on out-of-the-country MNCs for their jobs.

We, at SR GROUP COLLEGE, have been striving hard in this direction right from inception to produce such professionals (technocrats and managers) as are employable and as a result, we have been achieving almost 100% placements i.e. over 70% through campus and rest by students on their own.

Choosing an institution and a branch of study is the key to success. When I talk of the branch, I do not mean a branch where current employability rate is high because it is variable and may be low when you pass out. But what I mean is to choose a branch which is of interest to the particular student. Building future of its students is the leitmotif of SR GROUP COLLEGE. If you are hardworking and committed to your goals then as the student of SR GROUP COLLEGE, you will be aptly rewarded with bright future where the University will help you to build your skills-set, knowledge repository and develop your intellectual capital.

The Institute offers undergraduate courses viz., B Tech, B Pharm, BBA, BCA, B.Sc. Biotechnology and postgraduate courses like, MCA, MBA, M Pharm and M Tech. and other courses like Management, information technology, Insurance, hardware & Networking computer courses, Engg / medical Entrance Exam. Preparation etc. You will be refined by experienced and energetic faculty-members supported by modern, state-. Of-the-art resources.

We offer opportunities for the ever aspiring and talented youth with an urge to acquire professional education in the conventional and newly emerging areas. Today, when we are fifteen years old, I feel we provide enough competitive academic inputs, open mindedness and learner-focused set up. It is, therefore, very essential that you choose a program, which meets your aptitude, capability and capacity. I invite you to become a part of our vibrant culture and become a professional partner in laying sound foundation for the corporate world and the nation as a whole. We welcome you at SR GROUP COLLEGE to gain education leading to professional success as well as personal development.

Welcome to a holistic learning experience !! We give momentous importance to collaborative knowledge sharing.

Mr. Ranjeet Srivastava

(Chairman & Managing Director)