SR GROUP COLLEGE equips with the skills, knowledge, and perspectives required for outstanding performance in the global market. We will prepare our students for practical competence in the functional and technical areas of business and gain a competitive edge. We at SR GROUP COLLEGE, feel the best way to successfully change is to initiate it.

In today’s scenario, analyzing and understanding complex issues, situations, and people, are of prime importance for managers. To do this, they require keen perception, flexibility and ability to execute management theories into action plans. This is best achieved with world-class infrastructure for learning, industry benchmarked curriculum and pedagogy, regular interaction with the industry/business organizations etc., which we at SR GROUP COLLEGE ensure and provider. The endeavors are to prepare a reservoir of special talent. We attempt to synergize the best in India with the best of the world on an ongoing basis through intertwining and networking. Spirit of innovation, achievement and intellectual adventure emerge where best commitment towards global excellence. Let it be my privilege to welcome you to the world of SR GROUP COLLEGE.

With Best Wishes!

Dr. Alok Srivastava

(Academic Coordinator)