My mother Smt. Kiran Srivastava blessed us with the radiance of her wisdom and infused strength and confidence in the very depth of our inner essence to setup an ideal institution where everything revolves around honesty and positivity. She guided us to make positive attitude toward everything and develops the inner dynamism through meditation by which all sorts of negative get converted into a positive potential. She also directed us to make and strengthen the basic psychological foundation of the students parallel with the studies. According to her philosophy stream of consciousness is there, everywhere in this universe and this is the central wave with which all the wave of civilization are modulated and pulled towards the institute light of wisdom.

According to her philosophy, the first step to eradicate the impurities buried in the very depth of living being is education. The aim of imparting education to the masses is not only to make them successful managers/engineers but also to make them perfect human beings so that they can radiate energy to all the people from all the strata of the society and pull them to an elevated state where they can enjoy peace and bliss. The aim of education is to expand the internal horizon of a person so that he can absorb pains and woes from all types of people and make them happy and elated.

We, here, at SR GROUP COLLEGE, are concentrating more on the overall growth of the students by imparting deep and pure education to the very core of their consciousness. And for this, according to her wish, we are ready to spread the light of education to the poor and meritorious students completely free of cost along with other assistance if needed.